Welcome to paleophoto

Small Studio business specializing in Photographic Services, Archival Pigment Fine Art and Photo Printing, Illustration, Graphic Design, Photo Restoration, High Res Film and Art Scanning.

The Mission

Paleophoto’s mission is to reconnect an artist to their prints. Paleophoto; because it translates as ancient light, a nod to the older and more connected aspect of photography. In this digital age, many photographers and artists rely heavily on automation, and have started to lose the connection that an artist or photographer has with their printing process


I'm a fine artist based in Western Mass, and was voted "Best Visual Artist of 2012" by the readers of The Valley Advocate. I use Paleophoto because I know that Sloan is also an artist who cares as much for the integrity and subtlety of the original work as I do. His work in fine art printing is top-notch and is a wonderful resource for artists like myself.

-Rick Beaupre, Fine Artist

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